A WONDERFUL wedding!!!

Recently, our dear friends eldest son, Joshua, got married to Lisa.  Oh it was such a beautiful day!  Families gathering from all over to support, encourage, love, and sincerely welcome this beautiful union.  Joshua and Lisa patiently waited for God’s timing, even on the day of their wedding!  The rain started to come, but no one fussed.  We enjoyed each other while we waited for it to pass.  Then, at just the perfect time, the wedding began.  How beautiful to see young people wait patiently for each other.  To see them value purity and faithfulness!  What a testimony!

The pictures speak for themselves:




Of Course the kids (and adults) had a great time playing around and providing MUCH laughs as they “decorated” Josh and Lisa’s car 🙂  Of course, we won’t name names of who did what…..but a picture IS worth a 1000 words!! 🙂  And while most of the kids were “decorating” the car, Jacob found yet another instrument that he LOVES….the hammer dulcimer!


And last, but NOT least, we would like to THANK the Hollbach Family for the WONDERFUL hospitality!!!  What a Joy it was stay with them!  Everyone was so welcoming and hospitable.  Each child taking time to spend time with our kids.  Reading books, playing with chickens, playing piano, or just talking. We look forward to more times in the future. Just some of the Hollbachs are in the picture below- you can tell who they are from their HUGE, beautiful smiles…we really need to get better at taking group pictures!



making my own schedule and priorities secondary

to the wishes of those I am serving.

If we had to pick just one character quality to describe the VA FEW weekend, availability would be it.  The Staddons, Neelys, and Wilkes families all work together to provide a weekend of encouragement for other families.  It is a wonderful time of getting to know other like-minded families, learning wisdom from those who have gone before you, and immense encouragement for all family members to stay committed to the call God has placed on their lives.  Not to mention, it is just plain FUN!

This year was no exception.  So we have to send out a HUGE dose of gratefulness for thinking of others before themselves (which would bring “deference” in at a close second place for top character qualities)!

Here are a “FEW” things we learned about….Each lesson was really full of personal testimonies, which is a powerful way to share your life with others….

An excellent Civil War presentation by Matthew and Mark Wilkes

Learning by Analogies Chalk Drawing by Donald Staddon

Removing Bittereness by Don Staddon

Lessons on Passing the Baton from one generation to the next by Mark WIlkes

Godly Relationships by Don Staddon

Family Ministry by Patrick Neely

Family Entrepreneurship by David Stezel


We only have a “FEW” pictures because we spent too much time talking (OK- so clearly that means Jill had the camera in hand-no surprise there) But if you click above on the family names for FEW, their blogs are full of great pictures! Oh, and as you can see in a “FEW” pictures that we discovered our zoom button on our little pocket camera doesn’t work well…so some aren’t so clear.  Sorry, but you get the idea 🙂