A Journey to Texas

On our way to Texas we stopped at two families homes.  First the Hallbach’s in VA, and wouldn’t you know we didn’t take pictures!  Seriously, every time we are at their house we forget to take pictures!  Granted, this visit was a whirlwind, but we still love the Hallbach’s dearly!!! They are so wonderful and we had a great time.  Next pitstop was the Whiddon’s in GA. Since we were there a few more days we actually have a couple pictures 🙂

Then we arrived in our rental home in Farmersville, TX.  Where we kicked off our first sunday there with a GREAT little church full of adoptive families.  On the way to church, never a dull moment, we found puppies on the side of the highway. So what did we do? Stop of course!  Next thing we knew, a few days into Texas, and we’ve ended up with 3 puppies.  Turns out they were part pitbull, so we found them OTHER homes to live in. 🙂  But it was such a JOYOUS to rescue puppies and love on them for a few weeks.



And while in our rental, short lived as it was, we were able to see some GORGEOUS sunrises and sunsets.  Ahhhh big sky beauty of Texas!

Stay tuned for more of our Journey to Texas….. up next…. our new neighbors both furry & friendly 🙂



We are alive!!!! And we made it to Texas!

Ok- so this post was imagined about 20 times and it is FINALLY making it in print!

We are here! We are in Texas!!!! Wahoooooo

So, we moved into our rental.  Found a local church full of great like minded adoptive families, and then…… the septic blew -yuk- our landlord didnt want to replace a septic just to fit our family….so…. off to moving AGAIN.  yes again!

The story is crazy long, but suffice it to say that God TOTALLY took care of every detail in ways that no human ever could.  And a few short weeks later we were moving into our newly purchased home north of Dallas in a small country town called Van Alstyne, TX.

The house was vacant for over 3 years (God was just holding it for us) and in we moved- boxed and re-boxed, some organized and some, well, not….but the kids were great helpers!!! 🙂

We found a godly and trustworthy builder to help us with a few things on the house to make it move in ready so all we had to do was unbox.  That seemed like enough.

Now the holidays are here- wow- time flies.  Great events have taken place in our lives.  Wonderful new friends and neighbors.  Opportunities for our children and more.  We will post a new post every few days of our journey so you can catch all the juicy details.

Until then, have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

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