Somehow, I have ended up with a vast number of family members and friends who run marathons.  When patterns like this arise, I try to stop and ask, “Surely, God, you are trying to show me something here! Open my eyes to what I can learn.”  Although there are some runners that fiercely compete, most run for personal victory.  Along the way, they share tips on shoes and training, ideas on diet and planning your training.  Then, along the path they run, either in training or the race, they share about their journey. “Watch out around this corner! There’s a pot hole!”….”At mile 5 there’s a water station!” or maybe a simple word of encouragement, “Hang in there, you’ve come this far, don’t quit now! You can do it!”

Motherhood is somewhat of a marathon.  A long journey that requires much commitment, planing, learning, and always some encouragement until you reach the end.  Where is the end?  Well, if you ask me, it is never ending until the day I rest with my God, because once you start, you just can’t stop!  Motherhood is a long journey of blessings!!

It is my desire to share along the journey. A few laughs, a few trials, a few lessons learned, and hopefully, an abundance of encouragement to all moms on their journey.  I am a long, long way from the finish line, but I am keeping my eyes fixed on my prize!

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