I see a yummy trash can waiting for me!

Oh, the 1st post. Should we put up Abe Lincoln Day pictures or the black bear that just raided the trash?

Hands up!

The bear wins by a mile!

Really Abe, it wasn’t a fair fight! Maybe next time!

“The Black Bear knocked over our neighbor’s trash can. He took a bag of trash, ripped it open, and ate it up. We watched him out the window. After a while, he left. ”  written by Josiah

“Last year, the Black Bear came a lot. One time, he ate the left overs of our Easter cake that Nauna got us and my brother’s shoe. I think he likes pink frosting! One time Daddy chased the bear. He didn’t want to catch it, he wanted to take a picture  We should name him ‘Pinkie” !” written by Sophie

“In the fall Black Bears eat berries and honey. This helps them put on weight to get ready for hibernation.  They can weigh between 400 and 600 pounds. Black Bears are territorial. Our Black Bear has his own space marked by the creek, and other Black Bears in our area don’t come over the creek.  The Black Bears in our area are tagged so that scientists can keep track of them. My advise to you about Black Bears is: 1.) Stay away from them when they have their cubs. 2.) You should always watch them from inside. 3.) Take down your bird feeders during Fall and Spring because there is a loss food supply like berries and nuts.  4.) Spray ammonia or Windex on your trash can, they don’t like the smell.  ” written by Jacob

One more fact for you: You can sign the word “bear” by crossing your arms across your chest in an X and scratching your nails like a bear clawing.  The sign for “black” is your right hand in the “B” form (open flat hand with thumb tucked in) and slide it across your eye brows (similar to a salute but sliding side to side).  Now you know how to say “Black Bear” in ASL!

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