Why “eraser” brownies.  Well one bite will answer it for you! But in case you are wondering in advance, sometimes a gift of comfort plus encouragement helps us to “erase” our bad day.  When someone you know is having a bad day, make them some Eraser Brownies with a personal note of encouragement.  Include the verses Rev 7:17, Psalm 68:19, and Gal 5:1 in your note to them!  (Oh in case you are skeptical of the marshmallows…..we promise you, you will not be disappointed!)


1 box of brownie mix

2 sticks of butter

1or 2 eggs (depending on box directions)

1 bag of choc. chips

1 bag of mini marshmallows

1) Follow box directions for brownies, except replace the oil with 1 melted stick of butter. Cook in 9×13 according to box.

2.) Let cool

3.) Melt stick of butter and chocolate chips in bowl.  Be Careful not to overcook them or the chocolate will become lumpy and loose it’s gloss.  Fold in 3/4 of the bag of mini marshmallows.

4.) Spread on top of brownies. Let cool. Cut and wrap.

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