We recently studied the life of Abraham Lincoln. Clearly a great man in history, but moreover a man of great character.  Here are some of the things the kids wanted to share with you…

“As a young man, Abe built a flat boat and other creative jobs to earn money.  In each job he had, he looked for opportunity. He looked for new ideas, new things to learn, and new people to meet. When he was working at a store he meet people and asked them to teach him new things. Abe always told the truth. Some people didn’t like that. He told the truth anyways, but he had to be kind when he did it.  I learned from Abe Lincoln to be resourceful in everything you do, and it is a good idea to ask other people to teach you things they know.  Also you should be brave to tell the truth but don’t forget to be kind about it.” written by Jacob

“Abraham Lincoln was very honest. People thought he was trustworthy.  People in town asked him to be in charge of things because they believed him. Abraham Lincoln was very smart and learned by the “littles”. A little bit here and there.  He was a hard worker with learning.  Even though he didn’t have a lot of money, school all the time, or a lot of people to teach him everyday. He still learned a lot. He was a hard worker with learning and learned things no matter what.  I learned from Abraham Lincoln that it is good to be honest so people will trust you and to work hard at learning even is it is hard.” written by Sophie

Signs from Sam: The sign for “voice” is to make a “V” with your pointer and tall finger. Start at your chin and slide the “V” down your throat.  The sign for “truth” is –using your pointer finger make the “shhh” symbol. Take your pointer, starting at your lips, go up and out in an arch symbolizing the truth coming from you lips. Put them together to sign “Voice of truth”.

“Responsible” or “Responsibility”-  All the finger tips of both hands come together. (imagine your two hands coming together to make a double arch or “M”)  Place your arched hands with finger tips together on your right shoulder.  Symbolizing the responsibility that your “bear” or pick up and carry on your shoulders.

Both of these signs are great to use everyday. Even from across the room you can sign to your siblings, children, or friends as a reminder! It is a big responsibility to speak with the voice of truth!

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