Recently, we have the opportunity to travel slightly south to the Maritime Aquarium here in CT. We learned about all the animals that live here in the Long Island Sound.  Our favorite animals were the seals and the river otters. As a parent, I loved that there was something for everyone.  There are so many times when I tell the kids to keep their hand to them selves, yet a the aquarium they have a sting ray touch tank that is truly AWESOME.  Each kid was ready to dive in (literally) and pet the rays. Which is why we don’t have any pictures of the rays—we were trying to prevent a “swimming party”!  It was a blast for the kids! Even little Sarah was in on the action.  What a great way to learn about the importance of wildlife here in CT. Oh, anaquarium and tree 004d the penguin exhibit is pretty cool too (although they are just visiting CT). aquarium and tree 002





aquarium and tree 014 aquarium and tree 015

aquarium and tree 008 Although the kids LOVED the animals and they had many favorites, the HIGHLIGHT of the day was spending it with Miss Brittany.  Miss Brittany, for those who haven’t met her yet, is our beloved college babysitter.  Although she rarely “baby” sits! She runs, jumps, has pool parties, goes to parks, events at the library and more.  On this day, Brittany joined us at the aquarium.  Her college is close by and the kids couldn’t wait to see her and her “college bedroom” (which looks out on the ocean!) As a parent, I am grateful for the gift of joy, enthusiasm, and great love that she has for all of our children—and the ocean view room is cool too.

aquarium and tree 020

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