It all started with some “out of town” family coming to the area. Then, our brains began to churn….how about we invite….and then……what about….them too!…..and maybe….YES! Oh, this person doesn’t have family near by and then what about– Oh, we don’t really know them yet…Let’s call them anyways….you never know… that would be a blast!  Let’s do it!

And so we did.

The preparation was equally as fun! Hauling chairs and tables. Setting everything out. Vats of cranberries, veges, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, and of course 45 lbs of turkey!

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Gathering together family and friends, both old and new.  We enjoyed the fellowship of others, lots and lots of food, and building up each other.  The kids (and some adults)  climbed trees, rode bikes and scooters, and ate GIANT OREO cakes ( we thought that would be an excellent NEW tradition).nov09 109 nov09 118 nov09 094

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The evening was opened by a reading of Psalm 100, chosen and read by Jacob, which was perfectly fitting in every way. The piano was played by almost every kid there-and there were 27 of them (kids that is)! From Amazing Grace to…well… we will call them “creative melodies”!nov09 141

We would like to encourage you all who read— have you been thinking about someone lately? Well, invite them over.  Then, invite a few more! Don’t be shy. If you are thinking, “we don’t know them yet”, just call them anyways! Be brave! Who knows you may have so much fun that the evening will go long and you will all purpose to do it again. Next time with more!

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