“Oh my! Oh my! A gady ba!

No, we didn’t misspell anything. That was a quote from Little Miss Sarah.

Living in an old house has it’s perks for a curious 1 1/2 yr.old.  Every year, about this time, the lady bugs invade!  They manage to squirm their way through your windows and over populate your sunny living room! Here in CT, they are in abundance.  They are used as a natural “pesticide” to eat aphids. I must admit, I was having a hard time being grateful for these little creatures. We had 1000’s of them swarming our ceiling. But just when my attitude was creeping in the wrong direction, out popped Miss Sarah! She caught one! What joy and delight. She ran around to every member of the family (multiple times) to show them her magnificent discovery! A “Gady Ba!” We have ooodles of lady bugs! And that is just PERFECT if you are 1 1/2….or a farmer.

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And if you are someone who loves answers, solutions, or problem solving…well, this portion is for you. Just get out your trusty vacuum and suck them up. They swirl around, get dizzy and then you can set them free (far from your house) and everyone is happy- you, your living room, your kids, and all the little gady bas!

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