There’s a funny thing about hanging out in a retirement community- you over hear a lot of funny conversations! There’s a common denominator in them all. Something is missing. Effort. The effort they spent so many years using up. Some have a little more left than others, but still it is slowly disappearing. Their effort has run out.

I marveled over and over again at the things you hear people say! Really? Did that really just come out of your mouth? You actually said that outloud? But if we are honest, we know it has always been there. There was just this little thing covering it up, making it polite. A little thing called effort.

“For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”

I sat there, with my Nana, wondering the same question over and over. How do I NOT end up here? For someday I too will be 91 and what will overflow out of my heart through my mouth. What will I not have the energy left to effort in covering, repackageing, ignoring, moving on from, or spinning my wheels for? When I am 91 will I be grateful for that which overflows from me– or when I look in the mirror…..what then?

If we were all 91 right now. If our insides were suddenly spewing out of our mouths. What would come out?
Would it be edifying?
Would it be full of love and Truth?
Would it be full of grace and mercy?

Maybe- just maybe- 91 year olds have it 1/2 right. It is NOT worth the effort to cover up, move on, repackage, or spin our weels toward being “without a flaw”. BUT here’s the difference. There is effort that is worth it- effort placed elsewhere. The effort it takes to go deep within, searching honestly. A little like prepping a garden and digging out out the weeds and rocks. That is a LOT more effort now, but totally worth it.

It is worth the effort, because you will be free. Free from burried things to live cleanly and honestly, standing with integrity. Not worrying or wondering if it will ever leak out. There will be nothing to leak!

“For it is for freedom that you have been set free!”

And then, when we are 91, it will look different because what is filled up and overflowing from our hearts will be Truth. And those that follow us will have no doubts at all, because even then, our lives will be an honest and trustworthy testimony to the Truth.

“My integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in You.”

My Nana kept joking with us, “Are you going to wish me Happy Birthday 91 times?” “What if I had 91 candles on my little cake?!!?”

Well, here’s to being 91. Here’s to my future. Here’s to my children and my children’s children.

91 days of one thing- EFFORT. Everyday. Efforting to empty out, remove, restore, and repair. CLEAN HOUSE. So that everything left inside is honest and trustworthy. Because someday i will be 91 and it will spew out! And because God already knows! He sees it all already. So why try to hide it? For the sake of others or the sake of self? That is futile effort!

God knows all that’s in there and He still loves us! THAT is WHY he sent Jesus (Merry Christmas!) If we were perfect in our insides (and out) then what would be the point? Seriously, that is WHY we have Christmas–because we desperatly NEED it! And God knew that.

91 days start NOW.
13 weeks until March 16th.
Journey with me–someday you might be 91 too!

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