I have a dear friend who has a daughter going in to rehab. I awoke early this morning thinking about her, my heart grieving for her.  What a hard, hard place to be in. You know that is it the right thing to do, but your heart is aching all the while.  Brokenness and hurt, failed expectations, and events of time gone by fill your thoughts.

I have learned in the short span of my little life, that THIS is the exact reason why God tells us in His Word to “meditate on my Word both day and night” to let it “overflow from our lips”. If we didn’t fill ourselves with God’s Truth (capital T) then we would be consumed by daily truth (lower case t)- which many all “reality”.  Of course “reality” is true, but throughout “reality” God’s Truth NEVER changes.  He has proven that with time.

Psalm 65:3

“When we were overwhelmed by sins you forgave our transgressions.”  Some times we look to “clean up” our lives in order to come before God.  Mainly because we know our inadequacies. But God doesn’t ask that of us.  “When we were overwhelmed by sins”—not after we cleaned up our mess! This is what Mercy and Grace are all about.

There are so many struggles with natural consequences, holding someone accountable, challenging their choices, yet loving them all the while. I think of my friend and how many, many days she must of prayed about showing grace and mercy and love to her daughter and struggled to balance it with the immense need for consequences of actions. It is right and good to hold someone accountable to making better choices, to challenge what they have come to accept as “an OK normal”. Seriously, the Bible is chalk full of lesson after lesson on how we should live our lives!  But God is so very clear about love- His love and ours.

Psalm 89:31

“If they forsake my law and do not follow my statutes, if they violate my decrees and fail to keep my commands, I will punish their sin with the rod, their iniquity with flogging; BUT I WILL NOT TAKE MY LOVE FROM THEM, NOR WILL I EVER BETRAY MY FAITHFULNESS.”

Communicating and showing love is so very hard sometimes. Just when we think we have figured it out, life gets sticky and we realize we aren’t so good at it after all.  But God doesn’t ask us to be perfect, He just asks us to “love one another just as I have loved you”. 

Oh God, help us all this day to daily grow in loving one another.  We are so very human- and You are not!

My little Josiah said to me the other day “I am so glad God had me adopted because “I know full well that I am wonderfully made and God’s works are wonderful” and God doesn’t make mistakes”  I just about cried. I gave him a big hug and said- you are right- I agree- God is awesome isn’t He?

Out of the mouths of babes!!!  May your day be richly blessed! (and Josiah’s quote is from Psalm 139:14)

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