Get ready!  This coming Saturday is National Pie Day! (January 23rd) This is a holiday that is great to celebrate.

Eat pie all day long- you could invite friends over to celebate.

Breakfast- Egg pie (quiche) with bacon and cheddar cheese- yummy

Lunch- Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pie

                        We cook ours in deep dish pie pans with lots of cheese, sausage, sause and spinach. 

We put the cheese first (on the bottom-but on top of the dough) so the pizza crust doesn’t

get soggy and more cheese on top. You don’t need a recipe, but you do have to cook it

 longer for about 35 minutes or a little more.

Snack- Apple Blueberry Pie. 

We make a regular apple pie and mix in half a bag of frozen blueberries. Yummy.

Dinner- Shepherd’s Pie and Pumpkin Pie

Shepherd’s Pie:

3lbs ground beef- cooked

1 bag frozen corn- family size or two little ones

5 tomatoes chopped up

1/4 c Ketchup

2 tsp minced garlic & basil

salt, pepper

1/4 c cold water mixed with 2 Tbsp corn starch

**after you cook the meat, mix everything together and put in a large oven pan (we use our big lasagna pan because it is really deep) Then we pile up a layer of mashed potatoes on top and cover with cheddar cheese. Bake 350 for 30 – 40 minutes. You can make the day before, but then you have to bake it longer because it will be cold from your fridge.  One time we didn’t have potatoes and my mom made instant polenta with cheddar cheese- that was really good too.


Have a yummy day!

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