As a family we are working on memorizing Romans 6 together.  As a family, we are each  (Yes, that means EVERYONE-well except baby Joanna) responsible for a couple verses, and then we recite in group, one right after the other.  When we get it down, we will post it via video on our blog.  We are starting today- February 6th….we’ll see how long it takes!

Why?? Well, no one will argue that memorizing scripture isn’t beneficial, usually the only argument is that it’s too hard! We’ve heard every excuse…

“I’m too old, I’m too young, I’ve never been good at memorizing anything…..”

Well, check out this link of John Piper’s grandson reciting Luke 2  right out of scripture!!!!

We were challenged…..and if WE can do it (with more kids in diapers than not) then so can you!!!

A relative we love dearly always says that things are more fun when theyare a challenge….so we dare you! How long will it take your family?  We’d love to have tons of families doing this with us.  The benefits are eternally awesome!

Stay tuned and see how long it takes us……

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