Week 2- Fear

We all have fears. Sometimes they are little fears and sometimes they are huge and overpowering. From fear of rejection, other’s opinions, failure, judgment, fear of loss, or fear of inadequacy. Fears are very real and we all have them. The big fears you tend to tackle, or try to, because they are so obvious. Over the years we have found that the little fears seem to linger around a little too long in your marriage life.  They creep their way into different situations.  We didn’t invite them to toy around with our marriage, our children, our life, but somehow they are still hanging around.  You see, you don’t have to invite them- they come on their own, but you DO have to ask them to leave or they will stay forever!

So this week’s challenge is to list our all of your fears- yes all.  List them with space in between.  Then go back, grab your Bible and get down to business!

Advise from man will only last so long, but God’s Word is alive and eternal! Start looking up all those fears and write down the answers you find. Don’t just read them- write them down, so it stares back at you! What does God’s Word have to say about it. 

In Galatians, Paul says, “It is for freedom that you have been set free!”  We can just picture Paul shaking his head at the Galatians- Hello people!!!! Did you hear me—it is for FREEDOM that you have been set free!!!!!  So get down to the business of living a life of freedom!!!!


Week 3- Fear Continued

So now you have two lists. One from week 1 with all of your “laundry” and the reasons why God is allowing you to go through them.  The other from week 2 listing all your fears and God’s Truth about them.

This week is short, just two questions:

What do the two lists have to do with each other?  How do these lists affect your faith and marriage?

Lots of thinking and praying to do………

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