Yesterday was a very long day.  Our friend’s son, Logan (age 3), went into an 11 hour surgery to remove a tumor they recently found in the back of his head.  He had been complaining of next pain and been a little off balance.  He recently had a tremor in his right arm and they took him immediately to the doctor.  On Tuesday he had an MRI, and they instantly began planning surgery to remove this very large mass in his tiny little head.  The surgery was Thursday- yesterday. Our whole church was praying, families were praying, work schedules were put aside, and EVERYONE was praying.  Oh Lord, give the doctors wisdom and endurance. Protect little Logan from harm. Guard his little body and protect his brain. 

Surgeries like this are “wait and see”.  Would the tumor be attached to his brain? What would happen? Sometimes your thoughts are so full that you can’t even think!  Is this really real?  And then, in that same train of thought, your life gains IMMENSE perspective! Seriously- I was just complaining about……….  My “light and momentary troubles” have just become like dust.  Something that SEEMED overwhelming, just blew away in the wind.  God swung me around as if to say “Wake up! Get Perspective”

Logan came out of surgery last night.  After 11 hours the doctors successfully removed ALL of it!!!!!! Every bit!!!! And it was NOT attached to the brain, but the bone.  THANK YOU LORD!!! 

Logan has a long recovery ahead of him. His family and he covet your prayers and encouragement.  But OH, what a very GOOD Friday it is today!!!!

He has a “Caring Bridge” site set up for updates.  The address is  This site is restricted, so you will need to enter some information and get approval from the author, but that will just take a minute.  Thank you for your prayers.  

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