This Easter we celebrated our little girls birthdays.  We can’t believe how time flies!  Joanna just turn one and Sarah is about to turn two, but we celebrated together.  They are two peas in a pod, little opposite buddies!  Here are a few of their hilarious differences.

Sarah walks and runs everywhere- she never crawled.  Joanna crawls like a champ.

Sarah loves veges and beef.  Joanna loves bananas.

Sarah loves EVERYONE.  Joanna doesn’t like anyone! (well, not totally true- her Nauna finally gained victory in holding her!!! way to go Nauna!)

Sarah loves to sing and dance. Joanna loves to scream.

Sarah loves baby dolls and pretend food.  Joanna loves to hammer everything.

They both are soooooo joyful. They both smile tons.  They both are teeny weeny in size.  They both captured our hearts forever!  What a divine double blessing!

Sarah on her Lady Bug Scooter-go go go go Joanna- when will I grow? Big sister Sophie made two Lady Bug cakes for the girls!!!

What kind of face is that birthday girl???  Eat cake??? no way- I will CRUSH the cake!Sarah & Joanna

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