Some things in life come with the catch phrase “no strings attached”, but this past month was a little different.  Jacob attended a three week long Suzuki String Camp.  The first thing they told all the students was for July there are “Strings Attached”, and we are letting you know up front what they are!

Attached String #1- Diligence

Attached String #2-Great Attitude

Attached String #3- Commitment

Of course, upfront that seems easy, but when you are in the thick of it, it can be easier said than done!  Sometimes the challenges of life make you mentally, emotionally, or spiritually tired.  Then, diligence, great attitude, and commitment become extra challenging.  Jacob learned quite quickly that you must be INTENTIONAL everyday. Starting your day by plannoing on being diligent, planning on having a joyous attitude no matter what comes your way, and sticking to it (endurance) even when the going gets tough!

The month was chalk full of “life lessons” for Jacob.  Times when something that had seemed easy when only contemplated, then in reality was a little more challenging.  We are so proud that he kept an open and honest relationship with us the whole time.  He talked to us about everything, even the hard life lessons when he tried to stand us for what was right and found himself in the minority.  We are proud of his diligence and commitment to growing and learning A LOT. In the end, his anchor held! He did not waver.

Most of all, Jacob learned that when God gives you a gift, you must work hard to take care of it, learn about it, and be willing to be challenged in order to allow God’s gift to grow in you.  He went in planning on allowing God to challenge him in his giftedness, and he was joyously surprised at what he experienced.

Jacob we are so proud of you!!! You are becoming such a diligent and joyous young man of God (and cellist too) !

Jacob and his partner playing first chair celloTHe final day- the PLAY DOWN MARATHON- phew! tired fingers!!!

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