Day camp crossPitching tents

Any one here in  Simsbury, CT knows about “Day Camp”, but for those of you far away, let us share with you a little slice of heaven here at our church we call “Marketplace Day Camp”.

Months of preparation, prayer and persistence culminates in one week every August. This is no VBS people—this is colossal!  The property here at The Barn undergoes a metamorphosis of sorts.  Tents are pitched, costumes, adorned, Drama teams practice, Jesus acquired (yes- we have Jesus visit on site!!!)Artisan tents set up, Tribes assembled, songs rehearsed, and so much more. It is a week set back in Biblical times where the kids experience what it would be like to live with Jesus, walk the streets with those He knew, make things with “local artisans” just as they did when Jesus was there.

Now of course there are a few “modern” amenities added in. Like, chocolate covered pretzels and popsicles for snack, a giant water slip and slide, microphones for the worship team, inflatable bouncers at a picnic, to name a few.

This beautiful week was here long before the Martins arrived. It is the vision of the church to reach the community. We are just blessed to join in the celebration! Every year it grows, more kids come, more adults serve, hundreds (yes hundreds) of Jr. & Sr. High kids volunteer a week of their lives, and kids leave transformed. In the past couple years it has grown to bring in ANY kid, with ANY disability or challenge- so,  many more volunteers come (sometimes giving up a week of work) just to work one on one with a child who needs something extra. We have sooooo many pictures, but here are the ones that I know I am able to share with permission from their families—or because I know them personally.

Day CampDay CampDay CampDay CampDay CampDad WaterslideSam and Joel WaterslideDad & SarahDay Camp GamesDay Camp JesusDay Camp PicnicDay Camp WorshipDay Camp sophie tribeDay Camp Worship 2Jamie praying 2Joel Day Camp

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