So it’s been a month…. but we finally got these pictures posted.


It all started with our cousin Lisa.  She lives in Chicago, and she was coming to visit us for the first time.  She had never been to much of the east coast, so we started thinking—where could we take her?  We had an “Adoption Picnic” (a reunion of sorts for our agency) already scheduled at Central Park,NYC for that weekend.  So we thought..what about Providence, RI?  Lots of great historical stuff, beautiful coast, not as many people as NYC.  Perfect.

We were excited to find out that it was “the end of the season” for the coast, so we got an amazing deal on a boat ride around Rhode Island.  It was a tour of all the light houses.  In addition, we got to see many historical buildings, famous mansions, and even pass by some really interesting ships.  The kid favorite was a replica of the Mayflower.  It was out taking people on a tour also.  On this day to RI, we were blessed to take our friends the Carrolls with us and their cute twins, Timothy and Silas.  You’ll see them in the pictures- usually by our little Sarah. That day we also went to Battleship Cove- and got to go inside of real battleships.  For older kids there are great museum features, but we skipped most of that as we only had three “readers” in the bunch.  Plus the Big Guns are WAY more fun! Mom’s favorite- the sleeping quarters-  40+ people packed in there per room—hey, never complain about your room again! oh- and check out their dough mixer!!!

We divided the trips into different days.  We went to NYC for the picnic.  The picnic turned out to be rather lack-luster, so we voted, on a crazy spontaneous whim—LET’S DO IT!!!! Let’s go to the Empire State Building.  It was actually September 11th.  We figured it might help us out, there may be less people there!!  So off we went, Aunt Lisa, our favorite baby sitter Miss Brittany, and the Martin Tribe!!Nothing was really wheelchair accessible—not the battle ship, not NYC, but that didn’t stop us- throw a baby on the hip and Jamie got the stroller- lucky duck.

As we were driving down the streets of NYC trying to figure out where in the world to park our huge van, Dad and Mom looked at each other—“Are we really doing this?” “This is crazy- OUR kids to the top of the Empire State building??” Mom said a quiet prayer to herself—keep me sane and patient!

Hey- when in Rome!!!

So here’s our pix of the two days. What we learned.  Be brave, be spontaneous, try new things even if they are crazy, plan on having fun, take advantage of each moment—ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!

Picture help—for those of you who don’t know… you can click on the first picture, and then watch them like a slide show in larger view.  Once the first one pops up, you can click “next” in the top right corner.

Aunt Lisa & the kidsBattleship Cove on top of the shipwow- those are BIG GUNSa helicopter that lands on the ship-  COOLclimbing the bunk beds in the Battleshiptop bunk for the girls!!!never complain about your bedroom again!!!In the "mess hall" the ships dough mixer- NOW THAT'S A MIXERWe just loved that== we thought OUR recipes were bigJacob on the shipRI Boat tour- Sam enjoying the viewRI Boat tour- Mrs Carroll and Silasok- so the BIG engine and WAVES off the back was a little more interesting than the light houses.JoelRI Boat tourThe "mayflower"LOOK UP  it's the Empire State Buildingart work in the LObbyThe boys with their first lookJamie- "OH MY! That's high!!!"Look at the little people down thereSophie enjoying the viewProof we all made it to the topthe Statue of LIbertyproof Miss Brittany did it with us- even though she is afriad of hights!!

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