Ecc 7;8 reads, “the end of a thing is better than it’s beginning”-  We have been known to quote this verse often in the Martin house in an effort to complete a task, finish the job, not skip over last details, etc.  We probably say it so much because we know it is our nature here in the Martin house to love just the opposite- new things!  We love new things, new beginning, new life, new years, new ideas, new journeys, and more.  Sometimes the end is a good thing, and sometimes the beginning is equally as good.

So, 2010 has come to a close and we embark on 2011.  We have had a fulfilling and joy-filled year.  We didn’t get to “the end” of everything we had hoped, but that’s OK.  We enjoyed the journey, grew as a family (in many ways), and learned a lot about each other, life and God’s plan’s for us.

Here are just a few memories captured by photo that we intended to post at one time or another over the year.  Watch for our next few post on making and setting visionary goals for the year to come and well as building disciples…..oh are we so excited for 2011!!!!

Joanna's first steps!Sophie's sunflowerJoanna's JOY! we love this dearly b/c for a LONG time it was rare to see her she doesn't stop!Jacob's meal inspiration- a giant pizza pocket in a dutch over over a camp fire- YUMMYThe final so good- only regret: we should have made more!Sarah & Joanna w/ their new babiesSam & Josiah with their new drawing booksChristmas Eve-- Joel LOVING "matching" his big brother!!!Sophie's diligence paid off- she got her OWN harp!Jamie's new slide for getting on and off furnature---yahh more independanceJacob's new (but old) cello- a "rescue cello" refinished and rebuilt for himDaddy'a special Christms gift.... a weekend away (w/ the family) to NC for the Godly Marriages Confernce hosted by NCFICbeautiful surprise on a gloomy dayHandel's Messiah!!!!  Wow- what a special gift from a dear, dear friend who took them to see Messiah this year!A Thanksgiving Blessing!!! Little Hudson Williams - our new nephew/ cousin!!!!!


Happy New Year!!!

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