There are things which cause your mind to “flash back” to the past.  This story caused my mind to LEAP backwards to a time in our country that THIS was common thought.  A time when children who were born with a disability were cast aside and stuck in institutions.  Praise God that so many hearts of people in the US have changed (though we still have a LONG way to go).  Please pray for little Kirill.  He is in an orphanage in Russia and his parents are trying to adopt him, but the judge of that region said “no” because he “is better off in an institution because he has Down Syndrome”.  

Please take time to read this short but ever important story that will literally change history in Russia. This link explains the details of the story.  As I write this blog entry it is 9:30 eastern time.  It is 5:30 AM in Russia.  That means it is already Wednesday there, a day of GREAT IMPORTANTANCE in history of adoptions.

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Just like Esther, we can gather together to change the heart of the leader in the land.  Join our family—YES we are doing this as a whole family—all day Wednesday praying and fasting for Kirill and all the children to follow in his footsteps.


Thank you!

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