Many have asked about Kiril, and we wanted to give an update.  But as God would have it, there is little to update about Kiril, and so much to update surrounding him.

First, Kiril’s case is still in the appeal process, so please keep praying for him and for the judge who will hear the appeal.  If the judge who made the original decision changes her mind, she could simply overturn her own ruling, without the need for the appeal to continue.  Pray for that end, and there are signs of hope, based on the other things that have been happening.

Evan, who is a little girl who also has Down’s, was approved for adoption by the same judge who just two weeks earlier denied Kiril’s adoption.  There has been no real explanation for this seeming discrepency, but we praise God that this judge’s heart seems to be softening.  But wait…there’s more.  There is also another child with Down’s, Baby J, whose family is waiting to go before this same judge for final approval soon.  Do you think God is trying to make a point?

Please continue to pray for these precious children whom God loves.  Pray for this judge, that her heart would continue to soften.  And just so you know who you are praying for…this is Kiril and Evan is below.

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