…such beautiful young ladies!!! Whether it was just hanging out, sitting in ricking chairs on the front porch, or loving baby chickens, these girls had a great time together.  We were especially grateful to get to know Grace better.  She is such a great big sister to all her little brothers and sisters- boy are they blessed that God gave them her as a big sis!!! Hannah was a joyful and hospitable hostess.  She took great initiative to lead her friends in helping out with food prep, chicken lovin’, and enjoying the day.  Thank you Hannah! Sophie is thankful for more friendships that will last into eternity.

We are so very behind on posting in our blog…the past months are filled with events we want to share with everyone, but THIS post HAD to be first! ( maybe we’ll start posting them in reverse order)

We spent the weekend with some wonderful friends celebrating the graduation of Daniel and Sarah Wilkes.  Our time there with full of joy!

As we enjoyed the sharing of personal testimonies, beautiful music, and the heart of a Father who has seen his children grow up in faith, wisdom and knowledge–it was such an encouragement of the DILEGENCE, HUMILITY, ATTENTIVENESS, DEFERENCE, (to name a few) and commitment to bringing up your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord  that is necessary for parenting.  Wow- Daniel and Sarah- what a testimony your lives are!

We had the blessing of staying a few extra days to worship with some families on Sunday and then get our hands dirty on Monday in the Wilkes garden!  Though we know that weeds were pulled, somehow more dirt ended up ON martin children than in the garden! But it was fun, even the littlest ones pitched in by plucking potato bugs off of plants ( and eating a few peas)!

And last but not least we got to take a quick visit to ride some go carts….what a BLAST!

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