OK- life is about give and take. For many years we didn’t eat pancakes. We love them, but I couldn’t manage kids that needed constant “monitoring” and cooking individual pancakes.  And somehow rising extra early just for pancakes was not attractive to me. Now rising early for a quiet devotional to set my day before the Lord–that’s worth it. So, I had come to assume that I would have to give up pancakes in trade for having the beautiful children we have.  Then one day I just was DETERMINED to find a different answer.  (if my mom is reading this she is laughing about now because she knows my whole childhood was filled with moments like this!!)

In this recipe you have to give up those buttery, crispy edges around the circle of your pancake from frying them in butter….but you get a lot less stress, less dishes, no smoky kitchen, and you can actually leave the kitchen!!! A good trade in my book!


any pancake mix you like.  🙂

I use TWO very large cookie bar pans (the kind with short sides).  Spray them VERY WELL with pan spray. Pour your pancake mix onto the sheets.  Bake in oven until done….about 10-15 minutes depending on the kind of mix you use and the flour in it.  Buckwheat and whole wheat take longer than white flour.

Use a pizza cutter to cut into large squares. Pour on the syrup of choice.  Chop little kids pancakes with pizza cutter- much faster than a knife and fork. (we use pizza cutters for everything)  Easy peasy!!!  Now, wasn’t that stress-free??!!


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