Reliving our chicken days & expanding!!!

We always loved our chicken, but there were a few too many for our management and they were a little too close to our house.  It’s been a while now, and we just couldn’t live without them.  So for Sam & Josiah’s Birthday (they turned 9) we got them chickens again.  This time only 7 chickens and they are in a covered mobile coop that the boys can tote around so we never have to clean up chicken poo.  (I particularly love that part 🙂  )  The boys were SOOOOOO excited to have THEIR OWN chickens that they can take care of.  It is the perfect set up for them to independantly care for them.  (Did I mention how much I love mobile coops?)   They got to build the coop over a weekend with their Daddy.   Hammer and nails, staple gun and drill– wahooo!



Then, for Sophie’s Birthday (she turned 10) we surprised her with goats!  Oh, yes goats.  We went to visit a goat farm intending to bring home two cute goats.  Someday we would let them get pregnant, do the kidding things, etc, etc.  But then we met “Honey”…..ahhhhh “Honey”  she was sweet (ha ha) and the kids LOVED her. So Miss Becky (the owner) said she was willing to sell us Honey, even thought she wasn’t originally for sale! Miss Becky said she trusted Sophie to take extra great care of them.  Extra bonus-  she (Honey) was pregnant!  Oh yes, my firends, a pregenant goat!  and…..Martin-style!!! She’s pregant with multiples!!!!! And we aren’t exactly sure how many…..oh the suspence!


Ok- just look at that pregnant mama in that pix!!!  Zoweee  She is soooo preganat that she likes to lay down while eating!


So yes, we are crazy……we are crazy about our kids and we are crazy enough to get them chickens and goats to build character in them. (and, yes in case you try to mention–we are aware that there are other ways to build character….but this is FUN) They will learn diligence, gentleness, alertness, responsibility, initiative, and much more.  Hey, and they still got a special birthday dinner too- cake and all!



WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!






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