Some days need a little spice… spice.  Around here when the temperature rises our children begin to melt!  They loose all ability to enjoy things and begin to moan… “It’s hot and sticky”

After a good dousing with the hose or sprinkler, comes CREATIVITY to the rescue!!!


Could they be octopus? A squid? Tails of some odd creature? How did they get there? How did she do that? Oh, I love to watch their wheels churn.  In the end, I finally told them how it was done. Easy peasy FUN!

Here’s the creativity secret………….drum roll please……………….

spaghetti stuck through a hot dog! Not rocket science, but brilliant (I found the idea on line) Boil and enjoy.  No need for butter, the hot dog “juice” takes are of that. Adults beware- the pasta tastes like a hot dog too!!!  See my one step tutorial below 😉






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