Recently Sophie, our “teacher of wisdom”, hit the DOUBLE DIGITS.  Drum roll please…………….

Tradition #1–On the actual day of their birthday they open a special “Double Digits Box” from Uncle C-Dub and Aunt Emi.  It’s loaded with double yummies.  Like double stuff oreos, double mint gum, double sided markers, –you name it, if it is double it is in that box!

Tradition #2– Nauna & Nat take the kids on a special day when they hit the double digits.  Sophie chose to celebrate her special outing when her Aunt Emi and new little cousin, Hudson, were in town.  This made the day DOUBLE great.

Sophie’s new goat (that she got from Dad and Mom for her birthday) went into labor just days before the special outing…..and you know what she had…twins!! Twin girls–of course!!!  Double the delight. Can you guess what she named one of them….Oreo 🙂 The other- Truffle.  “Midwife Sophie” helped deliver them at 2:00 AM!!!

The day of her outing, Sophie went to The Butterfly Museum and the Yanke Candle Factory.  If you are EVER near by you MUST MUST MUST visit the Butterfly Museum (Magic Wings Emporeum). It was the most spectacular event- awe inspiring.  The picture tell the story.

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