Every year it is our family’s tradition to set goals for the upcoming year.  We sit down as a family, with a big pile of cinnamon rolls, a large tablet of paper, markers, and the day before us.  It is a wonderful tradition that we have built in our marriage and now our family.  We highly recommend it to you!!!

First, look over the past year as see what you are grateful for and WHY you are grateful for them.  THIS helps you prioritize ideas for the year to come.

Second, have everyone brainstorm dreams, visions, and plans they have for the year to come.  THey can be big or small, short term or long.  Just get them all down.  From reading that book you’ve intended or planning time to spend with friends- put it on the list.

Third, make some categories to organize your ideas.  We have categories for personal vs family, fellowship and ministry opportunities, educational goals and spiritual goals.

Fourth, we pray about everything on the list. Then, talk about it some more.  Are the goals realistic? Are they in line with our family’s vision for itself? Are the inline with God’s word?

Last, we set practical (daily or monthly) goals that help us accomplish these year long goals. We get the calendar and see what we can plot out, what needs to stay the same, and what needs to go.

We encourage you to involve you WHOLE family!  Everyone can be a part.  We’ve had little ones share GREAT ideas.  For example, one year we were talking about spending more time with people and one of our little ones said, “Lets have them over for a pizza party!”  That was a GREAT and TANGIBLE way for a little person to contribute to our bigger family vision of “Fellowship with other families”.

Each time we study a character quality with our Wisdom Books, we try to apply it to as many areas of our lives as possible. When our family studied the character quality of Responsibility, this monthly planner was “born”.  Feel free to print it out and use it how ever you see fit. In the little “scroll” on it we usually print scripture we are memorizing & in the “star burst” we put the character quality(s) we want to focus on.

Here it is:  calender  May this bless you as you plan out your year in 2012!

“A Vision without plans makes a visionary. 

Plans without a vision makes drudgery.

A vision WITH a plan makes a missionary!”

In addition, we have planners and journal pages to go along side the Wisdom Books listed to the right under “Recommended Resources”.  May these bless you as you plan out educating your children.

In gratitude for all GOd has blessed us with 🙂

The Martin Family


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