Our children remember it clear as a bell, as if it were yesterday.  A young man volunteering his time to serve at the Children’s Institute at our homeschooling conference.  With much enthusiasm, he and his siblings led the little ones in a lesson on pride.  Blowing up a balloon over and over again until it EXPOLDED in his face!!! THAT is what pride does, he and his siblings taught. Pride grows and grows and then explodes in our lives.  Oh our children talked for weeks about that lesson!!! They laughed and gigled remembering the exploding balloon! They will never forget it- never!

What a great first impression!  Our children will never forget the lesson and example the Wilkes children all had as they served that week.  WE, the parents, will never forget the example that MR & Mrs Wilkes set by choosing to serves as a WHOLE family in ministry.

Well, that young man was Joshua Wilkes, along with the rest of his wonderful siblings.  Their whole family taught that week.  And that was how our two families met. We have enjoyed building a friendship with them over the years.  This past fall, Josh got married to Lisa, and our children could not wait to call them “Mr & Mrs Wilkes”. 🙂

A few weeks ago, we have much joy-filled anticipation as the NEW Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes were coming to ur home for a visit!!!  The kids gave them tours, played games, learned a great new game called “Bible Runner” (thanks Josh), colored pictures, and more.  It was simple family fun.  We couldn’t have asked for a better visit!  Thank you Josh and Lisa for visiting our home along your travels.


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