Recently we had the blessing of having our church missionary friends, Randy & Dianna Smyth, over for dinner.  They are back in the states for a while, but they usually reside in Papua New Guinea.  There Randy is a pilot for New Tribes Missions and Dianna helps run the radio and organize the coming and going of the airplane, shipments, and needs of the missionaries on the field.  They came and had dinner, shared the stories of what God is doing in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  They shared their personal testimony of how God brought them together as a married couple and how important it is to wait for GOD’s timing in finding your forever mate. They taught our children about the long term committment it takes to bring the love of Christ and the message of Christ’s love just to one tribe.  Sometimes, though each place is different, it can take 7 to 10 years!  Yes YEARS before they even tell them about Jesus.  WOW.  They start by building relationships and learning the language.  Getting the language into written form, since most are oral, and then translating scripture into their native tongue.  Starting in Genesis, they work their way through the whole story of God’s great love, redemption and grace.  Beautiful.


The New Tribes Missions, that Randy and Dianna are a part of, also has a wonderful DVD documentary series written for children in mind.  It follows the everyday life of one missionary family that left the US and all they had, took their four young boys and moved across the world to Papua New Guinea.  The series is called Growing Up Wild

The link to see it is HERE: Growing Up Wild

Each summer we try to pick a theme or something fun and different we might not study during the typical months of the school year.  Last year we did Answers In Genesis apologetics class for kids, plus their Creatures that Defy Evolution series (found by clicking on the Answers in Genesis link above).

This year, we are using Growing Up Wild with our children as a fun, education, adventure for Jesus learning opportunity this summer.  Jungle living, snake battles, crossing gorges, climbing mountains, getting to your home by missionary plane and then helicopter, all while learning a foreign language, creating an alphabet for it, translating the bible and telling people about Jesus…… seriously, WHAT could be better???

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