What a great season we are in here in northern CT.  So many of our church missionaries are home for a long visits.  This is not typical, so we are trying to glean as much as possible from their life, stories, faith, wisdom and more.

We recently had Robert & Becky Cooley (their link is to the right on our blog).  They are missionaries with AIM in Lima, Peru.  Not too long ago the Cooley family was living here in CT just like everyone else.  When Robert, as an elder and father, went as a chaperone on a church mission trip.  After a few year had passed, they sold all they had and moved to Peru to build the church there.  Close to their arrival God used a huge natural disaster to open doors for their ministry.  A massive earthquake left many without homes.  The Cooley have used this trial in many lives as a wonderful opportunity for service, generosity, and showing the love of Christ to all people.

We had them over for dinner to share their story with our children.  They have come before and shared WHY they went to Peru, so this time they shared about the some of the hard trials they face in their ministry.  The struggles of helping to heal generational patterns that keep people from freedom in Christ.  They also shared about using everyday things (like STRING) to build connections with children and families.  They taught our kids about STRING FIGURES and how they use it in their ministry.  (there are many free downloads online for free tutorials on string figures to share the gospel)

Becky teaching the kids string figures.

Josiah worked hard to figure out the “Apache Door” which can be used to teach about Straight is the gate and narrow is the path principle with the importance of Decisiveness in life.

Sophie learned the “Broom” or “Crows foot” which can be inverted to a Palm Tree to teach  about Flexibility in trials

Robert showed the kids many photos of their ministry in Peru.  What the people are like and their needs. Some pictures of people who are part of THE WORLD RACE with AIM.

What a blessing to learn and grow some more, as well as build lasting friendships with friends around the world!!!

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