Drum roll please…………….


With great joy we announce that our new family ministry website is now open!!!!  33:11 Ministries has been a vision of our family for quite some time, but many details had to line up to make it just what God had planned.


We toiled behind the scenes to learn more about websites from our great friend Robert Staddon with Abundant Designs.  We are so grateful for all of his help, patience (we are not too tech savy) and education.  Thank you also to Keri Perry, who helped deign each of our covers. She taught us more about photos, jpegs, and images than we could imagine.  Thank you Keri for your creativity!!! We spent countless hours writing and editing and editing more.  THANK THANK THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who ate our food for the sake of “editing” recipes 🙂

Just yesterday the delivery truck pulled up and began to unload box after box after box of our newly printed Menu Planning Cook Books.  Hot off the press from Antioch Printing and the Iverson family.

Sean’s book is “in the works” and due out this summer- we are still editing it.  This has been a desire of Sean’s for a long time, to equip Dads with practical tools to help them disciple their children.  Now, it is just around the corner. So continue to keep your eyes peeled this summer for “Table Talk” by Sean. 🙂


Please feel free to pass along this post and our blog/site to anyone who would find it a blessing.

And to all of you faithful “editors” of the menu planning cookbook~~ your free updated copy is in the mail!!! 🙂 Thank you again for serving our family this way!

Click to check it out   33:11 Ministries

With Joy,

Jill (on behalf of all the Martin family)

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