Many o’ times I am caught singing it to myself, “Thank you I’ve never know it to fail when you say… Thank you…each and every moment becomes a prayer”  In that moment I mean it completely.  I am grateful for that moment, that passing, that word, that person, that warm breeze, that bird chirping, that child laughing, I am thankful.


Many o’ times I am caught singing “Thank you….5 part harmony for my weary soul”  because in that moment I WANT to mean it, I KNOW it’s medicine for my soul, I KNOW gratitude is the very best thing, giving thanks in ALL circumstances.  “Thank you” rings in my head as I gain perspective on the moment.


In the BIG BIG moments, joyful or sorrow filled,  it is somehow easier to remember, well, because they are big and you MUST face them.  It’s the in-between moments.  The passing by moments.  The discipline of a child moments. The _____________.  THESE are the moments where gratitude may start more of a discipline and transform itself into a purposeful moment.


I thank you, God, on purpose and  “each and every moment becomes a prayer”.

…and thank you Michael Kelly Blanchard for writing a song that has been running through the nooks and crannies of my mind for nearly 18 years now. I am grateful God made you as you- I wouldn’t change a bit.

Song:  Click here 06 Chickadee Cherub


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