So I have come to the realization that my grand intentions of actually posting the dozen or so posts that are living in my head is not going to happen.  Instead I share with you synopsis via photos.

Sarah turned four and very specifically requested a chocolate “dirt” cake with lots of flowers on every bite and gummy worms to go with it.

Joanna turned three and learned how to stay on the tree swing all by her “own self” (as she puts it) and ride a scooter “really really fast”.

Sophie taught the neighbor boys (AKA the most awesome Kerwins) how to milk a goat.  Then she sold half her goats to a farm that offers therapy to adults with special needs!!! How perfect.

Sam & Joel discovered that they LOVE eating s’mores!!!!!!!!

Jamie had surgery on both of her knees and one foot (to straighten them out) and Sarah picked flowers for her. Too cute.


Sarah and Joanna discovered the fine art of bubble hair-dos and fishy faces 🙂

Our friend Miss Becky rescued a baby deer and is bottle feeding it on her goat farm.  So OF COURSE Sophie and Mom went to visit and help feed it! How precious (at sometime I will have to do a full post just on that day)

Our most adorable cousin, Hudson, came to visit (he was kind enough to bring along his mom too) and the Martin cousins introduced him to the game of GaGa !!!

Sean had the honor of officiating the wedding of Hannah and Eric Swenson.  They had a throw back Renaissance style wedding.

We spent time with our friends the Priesers when their eldest daughter Kol was back in town with her husband Solomon.  They are expecting their first!  We had such a joyful visit full of giggles.

Mike Scudder gives the kids “Go” lessons every Tuesday.  They spread out on the floor and he plays all of them at once.  Even the little ones are learning!  What a blessing that he spends his lunch hour with us once a week 🙂

Sam and Josiah turned 10-  double digits is a big celebration in this house.  Double stuff Oreos, double bubble gum, double everything, and even a double layer Boston Cream donut CAKE.mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Sophie turned 11 and we “toasted” with chocolate fudge oreo ice cream truffles!!!


“Two challenges equal a blessing”

Our dear friend Mr Myers had a horrible accident as he was trimming tree branches and a limb took out his ladder.  He fell from an extreme height and is truly a living testimony to God taking care of us and guarding our every move.  With broken ribs and a VERY messed up leg, he is stuck at home and unable to attend church…that is challenge #1.  We found ourselves looking for a place to worship in recent Sundays and Asked the Lord, what do You want us to do with our time to honor You Lord? At the same time, as if running parallel tracks, we found ourselves looking (challenge #2) and Mr Myers found himself stuck at home….so we knew what to do!  We pack up every Sunday and head over to the Myers house, with their whole family- and their neighbors- we have church in their living room.  Jacob leads us in song and Sean leads us in sharing God’s blessings and prayer…now THAT equals a BLESSING 🙂

And we got to visit our chickens, which now live with Mr Myers and his family, that was fun too.

We had a long lasting DOUBLE RAINBOW in our yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bear- an answered prayer ?? yup that’s right- an answered prayer.   The other night Sean prayed that we could see the bear (he visits from time to time in our yard) just one more time before we moved.  An the very next morning there he was just taking a mosey across the road into the year.  He lingered long enough for the whole family to run out and see him, take some pics, and even watch him eat our neighbors trash for a little snack 🙂  How cool is God-  He didn’t HAVE to, but He DID.  Love that!




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