I LOVE organizing and this big move to Texas has just fueled my love for that.  I admit that over the past years my basement has become an insane pile of stuff.  It gets under my skin.  So this move I was forced to tackle it and transport it into a new life of color coded bins with categorical labels…ahhhhh LOVE.

Here are some great links to FREE downloads to help organize your life.

Gift buying here great way to plan, budget, and keep track of a big family!!!

Thoroughness of chores list here.  THere are tons of chore programs (check out Titus 2 ministries) and lists out there, but this one is so easy for you to replicate or print out-  THOROUGHNESS– love it.

Giant Spring CLeaning checklist here this one is that HUGE whole house once a year type deal-  So good to use- divide between family members and you are done in no time!!!

LIttle kids Daily Independence check list here.  This is soooooo “do-able” I love it.

Enjoy!  Happy Organizing 🙂 From one “ducks in a row lover” to another 🙂




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