Well I had been having some of those days.  You know, THOSE kind of days.  Days when you think you are not doing the best job you could. Days when you’re tired and blah and just don’t feel like it.  Days when go through the motions waiting for nap time to come, but it doesn’t.  Sure we would all like to have “awesome mom” days everyday, but lets face it.  There are days that aren’t always awesome. Well, I was having some of those days and they were starting to stack up on each other causing me to have not the most stellar attitude around 🙂

Oh sure, I could post all the days that are AWESOME, full of laughs, giggles, and grins.  We have lots of those days.  They’re great.  But frankly, when you’re a parent there are going to be days that have more discipline in them than you’d like.

So, knowing life wasn’t going to fix itself, I got up early one morning, Sean was away on a business trip, the kids were all in bed, and I was trying to read my Bible to set my mind on things greater than myself….. when the sun interrupted me!  It was a rainy gloomy morning to start.  Perfect for enjoying hot coffee and a little scripture reading before kiddos run wild through the house.  I sat next to this rainy window and BAM the sun seemed to jump out of the clouds.  It was sparkling off of all the rain still falling.  So, I ran outside and this is what I saw at 6:00 am………….




God makes many promises to us in Scripture.  The rainbow is a reminder of that.

He will never leave us.  He will always give us what we need. He will always give us strength and wisdom when we ask for it.  He will teach us His ways so that we won’t stumble.  He will set us in a wide and spacious place because He delights in us.  He will give us the desires of our hearts when we commit our ways to Him. and so much more.

I love how perfect God’s timing is.  I love that on THAT day I got to wake up with a electric rainbow to energize my day.  Not yesterday. Not the day after.  THAT day- perfect timing.

As always.


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